7 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Personal Computer

No doubt, computers are exceptionally durable machines, but sometimes they do run into problems if not handled properly. Anyone who has ever experienced the situation knows how influential these devices are in maintaining daily schedules and managing files. Under normal situations, your PC can bear regular throws in the backpack, used in both indoors and outdoors, and can run several hours a day. Despite this, there are a few things that you should not perform on your computer as it can do serious harm to their internal component or can even damage the entire computer, which can only be fixed at the computer repair shop. Hence, you must consider these following points if you don’t want to damage your computer.

Not Cleaning It: 

A little dust on the keyboard is fine, but a dusty inner CPU fan is another story. Internal fans keep the sensitive components cool and help the computer run smoothly without any glitch. However, over time these inner fans attract dust that can be easily get attached to your PC and can become a real danger for your computer. To keep your computer protected, clean it regularly with a can of compressed air to blast remove the dust away from the fan and internal components.

Not Plugging the Computer into Surge Protector 

While most people plug their PCs directly into a wall socket, this can lead to a real problem for your computer’s hard drives. And sometimes, plugging your computer into these open sockets are often vulnerable to power surges.

Usually created by lightning strikes and outages, these power surges can seriously damage your computer’s internal components that can also lead to hard drive failure. Hence, make sure to keep the thing in mind and plug your PC into a surges protector instead of a wall … Read the rest