Celestron C8 Series

For almost half a century, Celestron has made some of the highest quality and most design innovative telescopes to which the world has seen through. Not only are they sophisticated and technically advanced, their appearance is sleek and stylish, fitting into your interior decor, just as comfortable next to a baby grand piano, as bumped up next your pool table. Celestron have paved the way in astronomy products, for beginners to backyard amateurs up to professional stargazer.

If you’re ready to take your astronomy to the next level, Celestron has a model to match your needs. By offering a wide range of nine different mid to advanced selections, one can easily chose the right one.

The Celestron C8, for example, falls right in the middle of the advanced series. It offers GPS compatibility for precision accuracy and computer control technology. All of their advanced telescopes share some of the most state-of-the-art features available to the consumer today. They sit on industrial strength computer assisted German Equatorial mounts with two inch steel legs and centerpiece for optimum stability and made to dampen vibration.

The Celestron C8 telescope also comes equipped with Proven NexStar Star Locating Telescope (SLT) refractors and reflectors are loaded with valuable design features.
Using pre-assembled, adjustable stainless steel tripods, and quick release fork arms and tubes, Celestron telescopes can be set up in a matter of minutes and with ergonomically-designed hand control, the user is free to remove the hand control from its holder for remote use or leave it cradled for hands-free operation.

A touch of a button you can select the object catalog, change the slew speed, view fascinating information about an object, or just know a certain object is visible in the sky. It also features an Autoguider port for long exposure astrophotography and a foxy Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with backlit LED which makes getting to those goto commands a breeze. Finally, with the use of its communication port, you can control the telescope using your personal computer. How awesome is that?

A 40,000 object database with over 100 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects is customizable and can list all the most famous deep-sky objects by name and catalog number; the most beautiful double, triple and quadruple stars; variable stars; solar system objects and asterisms. Included is “The Sky” Astronomy Software providing the observer with loads of information and printable maps of the sky.

The bottom line, Celestron manufacture the Rolls Royce s and Ferrari’s of telescopes and if you want the best eye for the sky, check out the advanced series. They are the scopes, which transform wherever you set one up, into your own personal observatory. If you are looking to affordably view the heavens as close as possible, without compromising crystal clarity? Look no further. Celestron has remarkably left an astronomical and economical impression that’s positively out of this world.

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