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Suppose you’re looking for an Internet service provider; check out the CenturyLink Internet connection. CenturyLink is currently one of the biggest Internet providers in the United States of America. CenturyLink offers its internet services in over 35 states of the US. The DSL connection that is offered by CenturyLink uses phone lines for data transmission. Therefore, CenturyLink is able to offer large data packs at affordable rates to its customers. Unfortunately, due to the use of DSL connections, the Internet speed of CenturyLink is lower than other Internet service providers who do not use the DSL connection. However, CenturyLink is also switching its Internet connection provision to fiber-optic access. If you live in a region where fiber-optic Internet access has been established, you will be able to avail higher Internet speeds.

Why should you choose CenturyLink Internet services?

No bundling and no annual contracts

CenturyLink believes in offering honest prices They do not have any contracts to squeeze money from their customers. If you wish to discontinue your services with CenturyLink Internet at any point in time, you will not be penalized for leaving. CenturyLink works on a month-to-month basis. CenturyLink also offers bundled services. However, it is not essential for the customers to opt for bundling packages only.If you make a decision to choose Internet and call package applications, you’ll be saving some money. However, it is not customary for the customers to opt for bundled packages to be able to avail better prices.

Availability unlimited Internet

CenturyLink Internet plans do not have the option of data caps. When there is a data cap, customers cannot use the data beyond a certain limit. Both the fiber as well as ensuring DSL plans do not limit the customer’s Internet users. CenturyLink understands that Internet has become a lifeline for people, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are working from home, thus putting a data cap can severely hamper a person’s productivity and work. Therefore, it does not matter the service type that you opt for; the data allowance you will receive will be unlimited from CenturyLink.

Fast Wi-Fi

Almost everyone in the home is connected to Wi-Fi. All devices are dependent on Wi-Fi for function. CenturyLink understands this and provides fast-paced Wi-Fi, which is suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle you lead. Whether you love to game online, conference for work, or surfing, your Internet speed will not reduce. This is a guarantee from CenturyLink. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi that is offered by CenturyLink is extremely reliable and provides coverage in all regions of the house. This way, you can work from home in any room you want.

Internet plans of CenturyLink 


CenturyLink simply unlimited Internet

CenturyLink fiber Gigabit

  • The maximum available upload or download speed is 940 MBPS if you choose to opt for a wired connection.
  • There is no data cap
  • The price is $65 per month

CenturyLink fiber Internet

If you are living in a home that has more than two people who are constantly dependent on Wi-Fi, you should opt for CenturyLink fiber Internet. The work from home culture has increased the activities that are dependent on the Internet. CenturyLink understands the need for fast-paced Internet in the 21st centuryoffers its customers just what they need as the coveted Fiber Internet connection.    


The mind blowing benefits of CenturyLink Fiber plan:

  • Connect multiple users at once
  • Attend school online or work from home with complete ease
  • Stream HD videos seamlessly without any lag or buffering time.
  • Enjoy 4k quality gameplay
  • Shop on any website.


 CenturyLink simply unlimited Internet

CenturyLink simply unlimited Internet is an Internet connection that offers unlimited data plan to its users with straightforward pricing. What you opt for is what you receive. It has no annual contracts associated with it. The company does not add any sort of promotional offers. There is no need to opt for any of the bundles. There are also no data overage charges since there is no data cap itself. This is simply an extremely reliable Internet connection with a fixed price.

  • Limitless Internet
  • No data caps, therefore no overcharges
  • No annual contracts
  • No need to opt for a bundle
  • 100 MBS download speed.

If you only wish to stay connected and save mobile data, you should go for the 15 to 20 MBPS plan. If you need a good range of speed and have multiple devices that must be connected to the Internet, you should opt for the 40-100 MBPS plan. Finally, if you are a speed-hungry person who engages in online gameplay or if you have a lot of video conferencing to do, you should opt for CenturyLink fiber Gigabit.

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