Microsoft Word files as well as Portable Document Format are the two applications which are often used to prepare a number of documents on several subjects. In these two formats, a person can customize the content as well as encrypt the documents for security reasons.

You can insert images, graphics, tables and columns in an editable format. The Word file is an editable format with which you can customize your document. In the Portable Document Format, you can incorporate multimedia content to make the document interactive in nature. One can integrate audio and video content into the Portable Document Format. The compression algorithms of the file compress the size of the file in order to reduce the size. A reduced size of the file equips the user to transfer the files with ease and convenience to other platforms.

A PDF file is a computer application which can be accessed on any system which has any kind of configuration. The security features of the PDF file enable a user to encrypt the documents with passwords. You can even safeguard the content of these files with certificates and digital signatures. The conversion becomes easy and smooth if you use converter tools.

There are a variety of converter tools available in the market. You can have access to either online or offline tools. The online computer programs work by using Internet connection. The offline computer programs are rich in features. Different offline PDF converter tools offer different types of features. You can easily convert a document from PDF to Word or back to PDF without worrying about the original formatting. Some advanced tools offer a user to merge PDF files and create a single manageable file. It is also convenient to split lengthy Portable Document Format files into two or more files. You can also perform batch or partial conversion by using advanced tools or computer programs. These computer programs enable you to publish manuscripts, novel stories, teaching courses and confidential files with security. The state-of-art tools offer a user to convert the Word to PDF documents with ease and convenience. This conversion makes your task flexible and efficient.

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