Tired of poor service with Cable TV? Dish Network offers free digital satellite equipment with professional installation in up to 4 rooms to all first-time subscribers. This incentive has been instrumental in elevating Dishnetwork to become the fastest growing provider of digital satellite television services in the nation and has increased their subscriber base tremendously. Included with their initial offer is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that is capable of digitally recording and storing up to 100 hours of favorites. This affords one the opportunity to view favorites at more convenient times. Create libraries of favorite movies, music, and sports programming – all commercial free. The slim remote control contains features to create personalized instant replays for inclusion in a favorite sports game. Live programming can be paused and resumed for unexpected interruptions, and one can record a program while watching another program on a different channel. The remote returns complete control of home entertainment to the owner – you determine what, when, and how TV is viewed in the privacy of your home. A Parental Control feature is included that allows program blocking by title, channel, or rating.

Programming is exceptional with Dishnetwork. Dish TV offer more than 250 channels of popular programming, and it is delivered via satellite in 100 percent digital signals. Signals are converted into either standard or high definition resolution format for your viewing pleasure. Crystal-clear images are accompanied by CD quality or Dolby Surround sound – state of the art viewing. High definition viewing is sometimes compared with a movie theater experience. Images are bold and well defined, and colors are rich and intense. Dish TV offers a variety of programming in packages that vary in number of channels and price. Each package includes Sirius Satellite music channels, up to 500 commercial-free movies per month, exciting sports channels, life-style channels, interactive channels (shopping, games, sports betting, weather), health networks, karaoke channels, local and national news, pay-per-view events, VOOM high definition channels, educational channels, history channels, children’s and adult channels, multi-cultural international channels in different languages, and more. Specialty packages of sports and high definition (HD) programming are also offered in .

All Dish Network services are designed to enhance viewing pleasure with more variety and accessibility and to offer all this at the most affordable price. Your order will be handled in a professional manner with equipment installed at your convenience. Join millions of other happy customers when they sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening with Dish Network . Begin now. It is time to switch to the best!

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