Most PS3 players have this problem: what can I do if I want to connect my PS3 to the net by using a USB modem? Now this article is the solution for this question. Do as follows:

Step 1:

Power your USB modem, and connect it to your computer. Make sure your internet connection is OK.

Step 2:

Use an ethernet cable to combine your computer and PS3.

Step 3:

Start ->Control Panel ->Network Connections.

Step 4: Right click “USB modems Internet connection.” -> properties -> “Advanced” -> Select “Allow other users to Connect through this computers internet connection”.

In the step some people may face this error: ” IP Address timed out”, then you can do these:

a) Star ->Control Panel ->Network Connections;

b) Select the mobile broadband connection, right-click, then click ->Properties ->Advanced;

c) Click “Network Set Up Wizard” at the bottom. Click ->Next ->Next ->Select “Ignore disconnected network hardware” -> Next -> Select “This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the internet through this computer”;

d) Choose the mobile connection (e.g Mobile Sierra Wireless Compass 597 EVDO Modem #3) -> Next;

e) Choose the private connection. In order to connect the PS3 to the computer you need a ‘Lan connection’, Cilck -> Next -> (Give the name for the computer) Next -> (Named Network ) -> Next -> Next. Back to Step 4.

Step 5:

Maybe you will get a info that says you need to redial your internet connection. Do these:

“Network settings” ->”Settings” ->”Internet Connection Settings”, and click X. Select the easy setting, and from there it should detect your IP Address, and clarify an internet network from your PC to your PS3. Save these settings.

Step 6:

Now start enjoying to play your PS3.

By lita

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