How to Turn Off a PS4

A Sony PS4 console with a DualShock controller next to it on a blue background.
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Ready to acquire a break from gaming? If so, it is easy to transform off your PlayStation 4 with or without having a controller. We’ll show you how.

Electricity Off a PS4 with a Controller

If you have entry to your PS4 controller, you can use it to transform off your console making use of a pair of strategies.

1. Utilizing the Electric power Menu

In your PS4’s leading-appropriate corner, select the “Power” selection.

"Power" button in menu

On the pursuing webpage, opt for “Power Possibilities.”

Power options inside menu

Power down your console by choosing “Turn Off PS4.”

"Turn off PS4" option in menu

Your console will commence to swap off.

2. Applying the Rapid Menu

On your PS4’s controller, push and hold down the PS button to open up the “Quick Menu.”

PS4 button on a controller

In the “Quick Menu,” on the remaining, find “Power.” Then, on the proper, opt for “Turn Off PS4.”

Power options inside the Quick Menu

Your console will get started to switch off.

Change Off a PS4 With no a Controller

If your PS4 controller isn’t operating, or you never have obtain to it, use a button on your console alone to switch it off.

To commence, on your PS4 console, push and hold down the Electric power button for 7 seconds. When you listen to the second beep, let go of the button and your console will turn off.

Power button on a PS4

If you release the Electrical power button ahead of the second beep, your console will enter Relaxation Manner as an alternative, so make positive you do it properly.

Warning: Irrespective of what ability-off method you use, make positive your PS4’s ability light-weight stops blinking prior to unplugging the electric power twine. Failing to do so can corrupt your console’s program and make it unusable.

Your PlayStation 4 is now turned off, conserving the energy. You can now relaxation, go out and examine mother nature, or do whatsoever would make you satisfied!

When you’re again for a lot more gaming, it’s quick to transform your PS4 again on.

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