There is a deep relationship between laptops and mobile computing. The modern computers are the most advanced computers of the world. These computers are called laptops. Laptops have all the features of a desktop computer in portable form that is why people are using these computers. Laptop is the best example of mobile computing. Now-a-days the demand of these computers has increased in the world.

A large variety of laptops is available in the market and on websites. People buy these computers to manage their work. Students use these computers to do research work. They also play games on these computers. The attraction of these computers attracted many people towards them. Many people purchased these computers only for entertainment. They do chatting online while sitting at a beach, in a park, in library, in the bed, or anywhere else in the world.

Laptops are available in different colors such as black, red and pink etc. pink color has special importance because most of the girls like pink color. Pink color laptops are very popular among girls and women.

There are various manufacturers of computers who also produce pink laptops. The companies are Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Apple and Dell. The manufacturers of bags and cases are also producing pink laptop cases and bags. People use laptop bags and cases to carry their computers with them. As the demand of laptops has increased, the demand of bags and cases has also increased. A wide variety of computer bags and cases is available within different colors, designs, shapes and styles.

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