Countless individuals are plagued by a slow computer. Many blame it to simply age of the computer, others have no idea why it has slowed down, all that they know is it is significantly slower than it was the day they bought it. This article will provide some tips on how to keep your computer at the fastest speeds it is capable of, with just a little bit of maintenance. Before you cry out “My computer is too slow!” Remember these simple tips.

Using a computer is going to cause a build up of many different files and programs within the system. Over time it will naturally bog down the computer and cause it to slow down. Using a programs such a the Advanced System Optimizer, it will help your computer get rid of unused and unneeded files in the system by running a scan and detecting things that are no longer needed on the system.

Many trojans or viruses can slow down a computer and even make it crash completely. Investing in a top notch anti-virus program such as McAfee Security Suite or Norton, you will be protecting your system from any unwanted programs invading it and slowing it down. It is recommended that a user runs an anti-virus scan at least once a week to make sure the system is totally clean.

Finally, the most common reason for a slow computer: spyware. Spyware can cause great harm to a computer and many average users buy new computers completely after a spyware infestation. The tip to keeping spyware at bay would be to use an anti-spyware program with a system monitor will greatly reduce the risk of a spyware infection. Keeping the spyware definitions up to date gives your computer the best possible chance at fighting against the newer, harmful more intelligent variants of spyware that are released daily.

Keeping these tips in mind will help combat against viruses, spyware infections and the other abundance of unused and unneeded files on your system freeing the computer to run as fast as it would on the day you bought it.

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