Quality management software is critical for insuring thorough compliance with the post competition accountability provisions of OMB Circular A-76. Quality assurance surveillance is an important yet daunting task, and the use of quality management software greatly simplifies what can be nothing short of an overwhelming task for public employees and the agencies they serve.

As much as they might wish it were different, government agencies are far from finished when they conclude the bid/award process. The plethora of tasks that must be dealt with in the post-competition segment in order to insure quality takes a great deal of time and effort. Agencies are now turning to quality management software which can manage all phases of the quality surveillance process ranging from identifying requirements to filing and protecting documentation.

Many agencies are now turning to real-time, web-based, quality management software applications to reap the significant benefits associated with helping to assure quality, accountability, and transparency in public-private transactions. Both the agencies and contractors have found they are not only saving mass amounts of time, but are also increasing the efficiencies in producing quality surveillance reports and communications. In addition to using quality management software, agencies are implementing training programs that use software as an automated tool to optimize performance.

There are many benefits to bringing in quality assurance experts to train and help in the set-up and use of quality management software. The proper software implementation aids in holding the contractor accountable for meeting performance obligations, but also helps the agency mitigate risks associated with A-76 non-compliance. This approach to integrated public-private accountability allows agencies, providers, and regulators to focus on highest and best use activities as opposed to worrying about whether or not a decision is in conformity with contract covenants and obligations.

In addition to increasing accountability and transparency, quality management software programs also aid quality assurance evaluators in scheduled and non-scheduled quality surveillance activities. This also takes weight off the shoulders of those following the A-76 process. Training, along with an automated program greatly aids agency quality assurance efforts as they choose providers while maintaining transparency and accountability.

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