Your laptop could be getting slow because it could be having hardware problems, presence of viruses or there is too much information stored on the hard disk. Whenever there’s a problem, one has to look for a solution. Therefore, the some solutions to the stated problems are as follows:

Install anti-virus software: Whenever you purchase a computer, be it a desktop, laptop or even notebook computer (and I dare add…even phone), it would be important to install anti-virus software. This software is used to detect the presence of viruses in your computer and will delete it. The basic concept that the anti-virus software uses is to counter-attack the work of the virus. The more modern anti-virus software can protect against a wide range of malware, including worms, rootkits, and Trojans. Technology has also increased such that we have a tool knows as a virus removal tool. Unlike the normal anti virus software, this is tool is actually a software program that is used to remove specific viruses more effectively than the normal anti-virus software.

Have enough storage space on the hard drive: Ensure that you have enough storage space on your laptop so that as the system is trying to locate files, it becomes easier. It will move through the empty spaces faster and will get your information quicker. You can store some of your data on external storage devices like USB flash disks, DVDs, CDs and even external hard disks.

Defragment your hard drive regularly: This involves putting together all the addresses that have information i.e. the addresses that have information on them are put into contiguous cell/ sectors. This means it will be faster to locate your files.

How to do it: Right click on the ‘My Computer’ icon and choose ‘Manage’. One of the options you will see on the side window under ‘Computer Management’ is ‘Disk Defragmenter’. Click on it and on the right you will receive a window with an area for drives and another area below it with two buttons ‘Analyze’ and ‘Defragment’. Choose the drive that you want to defragment and then click on the ‘Defragment’ button. That’s it!

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