25+ Techniques to Secure Servers from Hackers - Security Tips

No doubt, digital advancements are taking place at a rapid rate benefiting businesses operating across various domains and industries.

But let’s face it- cyber attacks are also becoming more frequent, complex, and targeted. If we go by the stats, the data breaches cost businesses an average amount of $4.35 million in 2022, which is quite scary!

This is the reason why every business owner must prioritize securing their data servers. This is especially true for anonymous Dedicated Servers as they store huge volumes of confidential data and business information. 

Besides choosing a trustworthy web domain and hosting provider, there are some highly effective Dedicated Server hosting tips that can help you in ensuring the overall security of your anonymous servers and prevent them from expensive data breaches. 

What are those tips? Read on to find out!

Is Dedicated Hosting Service Secure?

The short answer is – yes and maybe no!

As compared to other types of hosting services, dedicated hosting is deemed to be more secure and efficient. The best dedicated hosting plans come with plenty of security features and tools that allow website owners to enhance their overall security. 

However, it depends greatly on your hosting provider. If you end up with an unreliable and incompetent hosting provider, there is no guarantee about your server security. 

Therefore, it is very important to purchase a dedicated hosting solution from a trusted and reliable hosting company rather than looking for cheap Dedicated Server providers. 

Tips to Secure Dedicated Server Singapore 

  • Choose a Reliable Dedicated Hosting Server Provider

As discussed above, the security of your server will highly depend on your web hosting company. So, make sure to choose it carefully. When doing so, prefer the hosting providers with robust security measures, experience, and committed customer service. 

  • Leverage the Power of Strong Server Configuration

Strong server configuration is another crucial step to ensure a secure Dedicated Server for your business. Begin with disabling unimportant services, implement stringent firewall protocols to control the incoming and outgoing traffic, and activate remote access protocols such as SSH. 

  • Opt for Multi-factor Authentication

By implementing multi-factor authentication, you can add a thick layer of security to your private servers. You can enable MFA through multiple methods like SMS code, email code, MFA apps, and so on. 

  • Perform Regular Intrusion Detection

Regular intrusion detection is necessary for identifying and rectifying potential security breaches. Besides, you must also implement continuous monitoring of your systems to spot a security threat before it jeopardizes your business’s safety.

  • Create Regular Backups

Finally, create a powerful recovery plan and perform regular backups to prepare yourself for any unforeseen event. This will help you bring your servers back to normal in case they are breached. 

Final Words

Securing your anonymous Dedicated Servers is a vital step towards ensuring the success and safety of your business. 

We have discussed the reasons why server safety is important and what can be done to ensure a higher degree of security for your anonymous Dedicated Servers. Hope it helps!

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