Automation testing is a method of testing software and other technological products to guarantee that they comply with specified standards. The test aims to ensure that the equipment or software performs as intended. It looks for faults, flaws, and any other problems that may happen during product development. Automation testing platforms expedite application releases and assure that the application is bug-free.

What is Perfecto?

Perfecto is one of the tools for testing mobile and online apps on various devices, browsers, and operating systems. Perfecto enables continuous testing with features such as BDD and codeless automation, parallel test executions and bursting, open connectors with popular DevOps tools and automation frameworks, CI dashboards, heatmaps, and ML-driven test analytics.

13 Alternatives tools for Perfecto

Here is a list of 13 alternative tools for Perfecto you must be aware of.

  1. BrowserStack – BrowserStack is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that allows developers to test their websites across several browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices without needing the installation of virtual machines, devices, or emulators. Companies like Tesco, Shell, NVIDIA, and Wells Fargo utilize BrowserStack.
  2. HeadSpin – HeadSpin is the world’s first Connected Intelligence Platform that offers Web, Mobile, IoT, and 5G testing, monitoring, and analytics solutions across apps, devices, and networks. HeadSpin enables development, QA, operations, and network teams to improve connected experiences and assure the success of digital businesses. HeadSpin is the best option for Perfecto because of its on-premises deployment. HeadSpin is the ideal Perfecto alternative because of its broad test frameworks, which allow testers to concentrate on their primary duty of testing apps. The HeadSpin AI engine aids in the visual evaluation of performance tests, hence enhancing their precision. The company’s line of happy customers contribute towards its excellent statistics. HeadSpin’s clients had lowered their production issues by 90% and vouched for 68% quicker development cycles. The platform has several USPs:
    • Test and monitor apps across 100+ locations worldwide
    • HeadSpin contributes to Appium’s open-source community
    • Supports 30+ automation frameworks
    • Measure performance across 130+ business KPIs
  1. pCloud – pCloudy is a Continuous Testing Platform for Web and Mobile App Testing. The platform links mobile devices to desktop browsers to provide various services, such as bot testing, in-field user experience testing, real-time reporting for analysis, and simple connections with several automation frameworks. pCloudy is connected with other CI-CD systems to enable a methodology for continuous testing.
  2. AWS Device farm – AWS Device Farm enables you to test and interact with various real devices and manually replicate failures while concurrently running automated tests. The service allows testing on many desktop browsers or devices to accelerate your test suite’s execution. It generates videos and logs to help you rapidly identify problems with your application.
  3. Katalon Studio – Katalon Studio is a simple but effective automation solution developed by KMS Technology for all testers. The application delivers functionalities equivalent to those of famous commercial solutions while reducing the difficulty of constructing an automation framework using open-source components.
  4. Tricentis Tosca – Tricentis Tosca is an end-to-end test automation platform that speeds enterprise-wide innovation. TOSCA offers testing automation services in addition to Integrated Test Management, The Graphical User Interface (GUI), the Command Line Interface (CLI), and an Application Programming Interface (API). Throughout the test project, the test suite is used.
  5. LambdaTests – LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that facilitates manual and automated website and mobile application testing. LambdaTest offers a secure, scalable, and dependable cloud-based Selenium Grid that enables quicker test execution. Users may test their native mobile applications (Android and iOS) and mobile websites on Real Devices in the cloud or choose from a wide variety of emulators and simulators.
  6. Applause – Popular for testing and digital quality assurance, Applause provides honest user feedback on the quality of digital assets and experiences in real-world contexts. Applause delivers meaningful, actionable testing findings that may directly impact go/no go release choices, enabling development teams to create more efficiently.
  7. Zaptest – ZAPTEST serves Automation Testing Software to enterprises and agencies. ZAPTEST provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Automation Testing system offers Test Script Reviews, Security Testing, Unicode Compliance, Hierarchical View, and Parameterized Testing in one place.
  8. Ranorex studio – Ranorex Studio produces robust test automation scripts for various desktop, online, and mobile applications. It does end-to-end testing on desktop, web, and mobile platforms, automates complex interfaces such as ERP and legacy systems, and runs regression tests in parallel or distributes them on a Selenium Grid for rapid application quality feedback. Ranorex Studio is simple for novices with a code-free click-and-go interface, yet powerful for automation specialists with a complete integrated development environment (IDE) and connects with CI/CD platforms.
  9. SauceLabs – Sauce Labs provides a comprehensive perspective of the application experience of a consumer. This assists the organization in enhancing the quality of their user experience by ensuring that online and mobile applications appear, function, and execute as intended on every browser, operating system, and device.
  10. Teststigma – Testsigma is a cloud-based test automation tool that provides a single AI-driven test automation ecosystem for Web, Mobile Web, Android, and iOS apps and API-automated testing. Users, manual, and automated team members can communicate on a centralized and unified platform. Step Groups and the Centralised Object Repository enhance the reusability and maintainability of Testsigma.
  11. ACCELQ – ACCELQ automates the whole Quality value chain to expedite time-to-market and enable the development of higher-quality software. Quality Driven Development (QDD) is a unique Agile Quality Life Cycle methodology that integrates the typical test silos into an end-to-end automated procedure. ACCEL is based on a cognitive core engine that provides predictive analytics for scenario creation and autonomics for test automation.


While choosing an automated testing platform, keep a few things in mind. Consider your goals and if the software can offer you maximum benefits or not. Perfecto is no doubt good, but it is not free from flaws. Pick an alternative like HeadSpin that can outperform Perfecto.

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