6 Career Pathways to Working With Numbers


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If you are another person who, instead than majoring in English literature and English language at high college, school or university, was always considerably much more adept in the area of mathematics, then you may perfectly be contented to use your expertise with quantities in a particular context on your own.

Having said that, if your fascination and passion for quantities go outside of this, then you may perhaps very well be ideally suited for a specialist job devoted to economic and accounting issues. So, with this in thoughts, proceed looking through to study about the top 6 occupation pathways which include performing with numbers.

1.Biomedical Engineer

A intriguing and remarkably specialized career pathway that not only includes doing work with numbers but is fully based on quantities is that of a biomedical engineer.

In essence, biomedical engineers do the job in the crossover fields of science and engineering and deal with establishing and without a doubt creating each components and program options to be used in the medical world.

The major duties and responsibilities of a biomedical engineer include, but are not constrained to, the subsequent:

  • The preparation of recommendation reviews which have their roots derived from scientific research
  • The coaching of other healthcare and clinical professionals on how to use professional medical products and computer software deals
  • The inspection and upkeep of all health-related products on the premises on a consistent and thorough basis
  • The presentation of all pertinent results from study carried out to stakeholders and other senior gurus in the health-related market
  • The installation of revolutionary health-related tools in a huge range of distinctive medical establishments


Physicists are specifically trained scientists who investigate and engage in comprehensive analysis into the all-natural laws which regulate the natural environment and absolutely everyone in it. 

A qualified physicist has to have an incredibly in-depth and broad-ranging information of the application of physics and mathematic formulation, and usually, notable physicists who excel in their discipline are dependable for the most remarkable and modern discoveries and inventions. 

The part of a physicist is an rigorous a single and often consists of the subsequent obligations, to title just a several:

  • The arranging and simple conducting of several specially built scientific experiments with a watch to screening their theories
  • Creating and editing the two programs and proposals for funding analysis
  • The presentation of their findings garnered from their research to other experts
  • Creating intensely thorough and critical papers
  • The development of innovative products these kinds of as computer software program programs and scientific systems and tools to each model and appraise information and facts


A further profession pathway that requires functioning with quantities and mathematic formulas each and just about every day is that of a specialist statistician.

Statisticians use quantitive data, among other resources of information, to make improvements to the aggressive mother nature of a company, as very well as provide tangible investigation conclusions to enable mature and increase the firm,

A regular day in the operating existence of a statistician usually incorporates:

  • The presentation of statistical research findings to senior department heads and other administrators in a selection of types, which include tables, graphs, charts, and govt summaries
  • The interpretation, description, and summary of research conclusions in complete conclusions
  • Often accomplishing tests to make certain the accuracy and trustworthiness of final results and findings from said exploration
  • Checking on knowledge integrity by continually validating and mistake examining
  • The generation and subsequent servicing of a range of databases employing SPSS, Stata, SAS, and other software program courses especially made for statisticians

4.Pc Investigate Scientist

Computer system investigation researchers combine info know-how with science to analyze how guidance and knowledge are communicated, processed, and stored by computer systems and computing software packages. 

Laptop or computer researchers primarily are the kinds to thank for a myriad of modern day-day conveniences, from more compact gadgets and systems this sort of as smartphones and tablets to big and pricey units such as airplanes and even rocket ships. 

A profession as a laptop or computer research scientist most probably consists of the subsequent responsibilities:

  • Often striving to boost existing computer software package courses and computing systems in phrases of general functionality
  • Conceptualizing both of those mathematical and computational worries and difficulties
  • The improvement of new computing approaches and components
  • Performing collectively with other IT and scientific pros, this sort of as program engineers and programmers, to build ground breaking merchandise
  • Conducting comprehensive exploration projects 


One particular fairly noticeable career pathway which is concentrated and centered all around functioning with numbers each individual solitary day is that of a competent accountant.

Almost just about every single small business, regardless of dimension, scope, or certainly the industry in which they function, employs a small business accountant to present intensive and comprehensive financial guidance, to control all procedures and strategies connected with accounting, and to audit their accounts each and every 12 months. As an accountant offers with most, in truth nearly all, of the distinct departments within a company, need to you want to go after a job in this field, it is strongly recommended to embark upon an MSc Finance and Management or a similar degree software.

Typical roles and obligations of a experienced accountant contain:

  • Running other people related with the finance and accounting department
  • The investigation of various business enterprise strategies and proposed modifications to strategies
  • The composing and presenting of budgets, commentaries, reviews, money statements, and company options
  • Staying dependable for dealing with predicaments similar to insolvency
  • Threat investigation and economic forecasting

6.Maths Instructor

Lastly, but completely a credible and intensely gratifying vocation pathway, the previous most substantial-profile position working with numbers is that of a arithmetic instructor, at possibly a significant faculty, college, or even at a college.

Not only do potential maths teachers need to have to be extremely proficient and a lot more than proficient at mathematics and all-associated fields of study, but they also require to have a in depth comprehension of a huge wide range of training practices.

As a maths instructor, irrespective of the particular tutorial institution you perform in, you will be responsible for:

  • Sourcing materials and methods for classes
  • Reporting and documenting individual pupil development
  • Attending committee, union, personnel, and guardian meetings
  • Invigilating ultimate examinations and coursework
  • Grading a broad plethora of different mathematical assignments
  • Ensuring that the classrooms are often suited for students and ready to go

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