You may have have found yourself in the following position. You open your email program, get up to make some coffee and upon your return you find your inbox crammed full of unwanted junk mail. It is going to waste your time (and money!) just to try and sort through this much email on a daily basis and may amount to no more than a hill of beans. You want some anti-spam filtering to help you with sorting your emails.

Email spam has turned out to be a big stealer of time and an irritation for individuals and company employees alike. There are real losses of time and money involved for businesses. Companies want to deal with this unwanted hazard effectively and easily.

Some estimations put the amount of spam email being sent on a daily basis at around 100 billion. That is incredible! Just imagine the total amount of time and bandwidth that may be wasted on something which most internet users dislike, even hate.

You need to have an anti-spam filtering program or service that can screen your incoming emails and sort them into wanted emails and suspicious emails. Spam filtering software will do the job for you. It will automatically sort through your emails and send suspicious junk mail to a separate folder.

Installing and regularly updating anti-spam software may help with filtering your emails. It tries to let your regular emails through while stopping unknown e-mails from clogging up your inbox. High quality spam filters are estimated to be up to 98% effective, although they are not always correct in their sorting process. It may happen that an e-mail you would have wanted to read gets thrown into the dustbin.

Adjusting the sensitivity of your spam filter may help to regulate this problem. The higher you set the anti-spam filter sensitivity, the harsher it will sort your incoming emails and the greater the likelihood of it marking an e-mail as spam. It could happen that an important email may be marked as spam and that you never get to read it. In the end it is a balancing act between too much filtering and too little filtering.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a popular choice for spam protection and protection against virus infections. You can download and use a free edition or buy the full version. You are able to configure your scanning schedules as well as update the software database from the internet. It also boasts email, instant messenger and internet browser protection options.

You should remember that installing and using two different anti-spam software on your computer does not offer you double the protection. Use only one at a time and be sure to uninstall the anti-spam software you are not going to use before installing a new one.

If you have enough bandwidth available, it is probably a good thing to let the software check for automatic updates. This will ensure that the anti-spam software stays up to date with the latest data concerning spam mail, virus and spyware.

Anti-spam filtering may save you time and in some cases even money. There are a lot of free anti-spam software available that you may choose to use. They are free, so you do not have to spend a cent to receive spam protection.

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