Authentic Brands Group Behind Another Silly Parent, Child Trademark Dispute

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We’ve talked about Genuine Makes Team here a pair of moments and in no way for great conduct. The business that manages the legal rights for quite a few living and deceased celebrities is also a infamous trademark troll and enforcer. Most recently we discussed a weird trademark opposition introduced against Shaqir O’Neal, Shaq’s son, who experienced the trademark application for Shaqir’s identify opposed by ABG… on behalf of his father Shaq.

That was a pair of 7 days ago and, at the time, I experienced assumed it was something of a exclusive and bizarre circumstance, on leading of imagining that ABG’s opposition was silly and dumb. Turns out that sort of stupid and dumb wasn’t as unique as I believed, as now we have a next incident in which this has occurred. In this circumstance, Laila Ali, daughter of the late Muhammad Ali, has experienced her very own trademark application for her identify opposed by ABG.

A Observe of Opposition was submitted by the enterprise that owns Muhammad Ali’s trademark, making an attempt to halt his daughter Laila Ali from registering her title. Based on information and facts from attorney Josh Gerben, the root of the difficulties goes all the way back again to 2006, when Muhammad Ali bought legal rights to his emblems and likeness to Authentic Brand names Group (ABG) for $50 million.

According to Josh Gerben, Authentic Brand name Group’s filing has 3 outlined issues in its opposition.

-Bogus Relationship: shoppers will think that Laila Ali’s trademark is related to Muhammad Ali and that any items sold underneath her identify are certified by Authentic Makes Group.

-Likelihood of Confusion: the “Laila Ali” and “Muhammad Ali” logos are so comparable that they will be puzzled.

-Dilution by Tarnishment: the registration of the “Laila Ali” trademark will hurt the reputation of Reliable Brand names Group and tarnish its rights in the “Muhammad Ali” trademark.

This bullshit genuinely has to quit. None of ABG’s problems are respectable in this occasion. The community is not heading to affiliate Laila Ali’s trademark to ABG’s any even further than acknowledging their father/daughter connection. The marks in question are also not comparable in a form that will confuse the community. It’s her identify. “Ali” is also not a terribly exclusive surname. Does ABG contend that nobody can trademark nearly anything that incorporates the name “Ali” thanks to confusion? Since that would be a hell of a assert for the company to make.

And tarnishment? How? Why? Laila Ali is not some villain who’s title is somehow heading to bring ABG into unwell-reputation. Frankly, the company is undertaking just fine in that arena all on its possess.

And you definitely do have to marvel how a counter-lifestyle icon like Muhammad Ali would respond to his very own daughter remaining focused for this kind of matter by a company that rakes in millions of bucks using other people’s names and brands.

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