Many people today are using electronic mails (e-mails) to send and receive messages with others as it is the fastest way possible. With businesses getting their hands involved in the internet and most specifically, e-mail, our e-mails tend to receive lots of spam messages advertising everything from discount electronics to male enhancement products.

Its purpose is to get you attracted to anything they sell. It is prohibited under the Can Spam Act and is an abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages currently known as spam and its most widely known form is the e-mail spam.

Spamming cost your e-mail accounts memory space that can make you unable to receive new e-mails, due to lack of memory space. It has become a major problem for internet users.

Email and internet service providers also encounter problems and the solution that they come up of is to increase the memory space allotted for users’ e-mail so that spam will not occupy that much space. Some providers do provide web based anti spam services however, it is unable to completely eradicate the email spamming problem.

There are many anti spam software on the market that provides the ability to stop spam before it reaches your inbox. One of these is Spamwasher, one of the best anti spam software I have used.

Spamwasher is suited for new internet users who want to stop spam and phishing emails from reaching their email inbox without the technical difficulties of setting up. It is easy to use and works well to block 99% of all spam emails. The default automatic spam rules setup is pretty efficient and works well right out of the box.

Spamwasher anti spam software has an update feature that regularly updates it’s anti spam engine without user intervention. Currently, it works with any POP3 account such as outlook, fedora, mozilla and netscape. It also works with any webbased email clients such as hotmail, yahoo Mail.

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