How Blockchain Will Change Business Forever

Coruzant Technologies is the First digital, verified publication built on blockchain (Web3), focused on emerging technology. Coruzant has a thriving, global syndicated podcast with over 600 guests from Silicon Valley CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

The Beginning of Coruzant Technologies

Coruzant Technologies hosts a successful podcast show, The Digital Executive, with over 600 episodes featuring top Silicon Valley CEOs, Celebrities, and Entrepreneurs. Coruzant was founded by Brian E. Thomas, a technology executive who became an influencer in three industry verticals. Brian currently helps executives build their brands for maximum exposure.

Coruzant offers digital and creative services for Agencies, Companies, and executives. Coruzant has worked with over 300 PR Agencies from North America, Europe, and Australia and is committed to helping executives, agencies, and their clients get the positive exposure they need.

It is the very first digital publication built on blockchain. From the Data Center to the Boardroom, we provide quality insights on the latest technologies and business strategies from those that develop, deploy, and manage them.

Main USP’s of Coruzant Technologies

The significant factors of this company that are helping it stay a favorite for its customers are: 

  • Providing insights and news on the latest technologies
  • Interviewing top Silicon Valley tech unicorns, celebrities, and entrepreneurs (The Digital Executive Podcast)
  • Tens of thousands of contributed articles, content from technology gurus, executives, entrepreneurs
  • Providing more value for those advertisers who have a smaller budget

The mission of this company is to serve executives, agencies, and their clients, not corporations or big media. They aim to contribute to helping a world that serves people, not a global or political agenda. They are unique because they leverage the same emerging technology their clients and guests develop and use.

The vision behind their mission is to produce the highest quality publication focused on bringing maximum positive exposure to emerging technology and those that develop, implement, and manage those technologies.

If we talk about their working history, they have worked with Fortune 100 Companies, Silicon Valley unicorns, Celebrities, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and 300 PR agencies worldwide.

Coruzant Technologies provides breaking tech news and learning information from varied media formats. Built on blockchain to support a free, decentralized, and independent world. Those interested in the latest technologies would find everything at Coruzant before going elsewhere.

What makes blockchain so crucial?

For storing financial transactions, traditional database methods provide several difficulties.

Take the selling of a property, for instance. The property belongs to the buyer after the money has been exchanged. The buyer and the seller can independently keep track of the financial transactions, but neither source can be relied upon.

Both the buyer and the seller can claim that they have paid the money even when they haven’t, and both parties can readily deny doing so.

What fundamental elements makeup blockchain technology?

The Key Elements of Blockchain Architecture

The following are the key elements of blockchain architecture:

A distributed ledger: The transactions are stored in the blockchain network’s shared database, a shared file that all team members can edit.

Sensible contracts: Businesses utilize intelligent contracts to self-manage contractual obligations without needing an intermediary.

Public key cryptography is a security feature uniquely identifying participants in the blockchain network.

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