How to clear the dark fog and ring the two bells


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After activating the Stony Halls mechanism in Genshin Influence, the pit in the centre will open up. It’ll lead you to yet another area of this underground zone. Here’s our Genshin Affect guideline to aid you very clear the dim fog in The Chasm by ringing the two bells.

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Genshin Impact Chasm Delvers manual – How to apparent the dark fog and ring the two bells

The dark fog in Genshin Impression is identified in an space identified as the Nameless Ruins. As soon as you get near ample, you will understand that you can walk alongside the sides. From listed here, you’ll need to have to ring two bells in the northern and southern sections. Just adhere to the pathways and tunnels until eventually you get to those people sections.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 1a

North: Underground Waterway

You’ll see a tower in the distance. There’s a Seelie in close proximity to the floor stage. If you follow it to the pedestal, the item will proceed to pulse so you can regenerate your gadget’s gentle fees.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 1b

Then, after you access the rooftop, you can activate a system to unlock the totems. On the other hand, simply because they are however covered in ooze, you require to use your Blooming Light (“Z” vital) to demolish the corrupted growths.

The second you do that, a couple of Banished Knights will spawn. Do away with them and preserve cleaning the totems until eventually the bell is noticeable. Go forward and strike it with your weapon to finish this component.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 1c

South: Stony Halls

Upon examining the map, it doesn’t seem like this location has a name, so I’ll just contact it Stony Halls (even nevertheless it’s south of that). Carry on together the tunnel and glide across the hole till you see a quick travel issue and a tower. Destroy the Spoil Grader which is guarding this place.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 2a

Within the tower, you will see a totem that can be activated employing three gentle charges. It will go on to refill your charges each time you’re around. Similarly, there are two Seelie listed here as effectively. Go around them to bring about them to transfer — you will want them on opposite sides to mild up the tombstones/lanterns.

With that accomplished, go near the last tombstone/lantern to complete this puzzle and spawn a Important Upper body. You can also trip the wind recent to the leading.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 2b

On the roof of the tower, there is a Seelie in close proximity to a lantern. Go to the reverse a single to make the flooring open large. Then, follow the Seelie until it reaches its pedestal.

Acquire out the Damage Grader below and ring the bell at the rear of it.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Dark Fog Ring Two Bells 2c

Just after ringing the two bells in Genshin Impact‘s Chasm zone, it’s time to return to the dim fog in the Anonymous Ruins. The mists must now be dispelled.

The moment you go to the middle, you will struggle two Abyss Heralds (Electro and Pyro). Use your AoE abilities and nuke them to pace items up.

Gen Pct 26chs Df Rtwbl 1

You are going to now be equipped to vacation to the southwestern section to a location called The Glowing Narrows. But, prior to you get there, your friends will established up their camp near a teleporter. This is also when you will receive the Key to a Stony Corridor, a quest item that will be made use of in a shorter whilst.

Furthermore, the moment you drop down, you’ll fight Roneth, a named Banished Knight. He drops Statuette components after he’s downed.

Gen Pct 26chs Df Rtwbl 2

In the Glowing Narrows, you’ll find these tidbits:

  • Somebody or some thing close to the giant mushroom will talk to you. This prospects to the Dimming Mushroom’s Phone for Help sidequest.
  • If you go to the rapidly vacation stage, you’ll get attacked by a Fatui Cicin Mage. In advance of she gets killed, she’ll surrender. This unlocks a sidequest known as Lost in a Overseas Land.
  • Final but not minimum, if you carry on onward to the marked site, you are going to access the deepest cavern wherever a significant crystal demands to be purified.

Gen Pct 26chs Df Rtwbl 3

Genshin Influence is out there via its official website. For additional facts, examine out our guides and characteristics hub.

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