IT Support is a critical aspect in running a small business. Reliability at a great price is essential to stay competitive in most industries. An unreliable IT system can not only waste your company’s time and resources it can be extremely frustrating. There are a few tips that can save your company time and money when planning a new IT System or upgrading or fixing an existing one

  1. Buy server hardware that has great onsite warranty from a reliable vendor like HP, Dell, IBM, and Acer. The extra few dollars saved in buying cheaper white non brand hardware is usually lost in the first warranty claim
  2. Server vendors now offer 5 years warranty on their hardware. This extends the life of your investment
  3. Compare and understand OEM licensing versa normal licensing from Microsoft. Understand open source is free to download not install and maintain
  4. Buy a UPS to protect your Server
  5. Ensure your IT Support vendor offers monitoring. So that you’re most crucial part of your network is pro-actively supported.
  6. Research any third party applications that you purchase to run in your environment. A large percentage SME buy poorly and spend more on an ongoing basis to just keep poor applications running
  7. Check your backups on a regular basis and know what is in the backup.
  8. Have more then 1 backup of your system on different media eg Tape and Hard disk. Have at least 4 weeks worth of backups and keep 1 monthly copy
  9. Plan for a disaster and test that plan
  10. Choose your IT Support consultants carefully

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