Linux is a popular open source UNIX-like operating system that organizes all your files in a tree structure. All the files are rooted at ‘/’ or root directory. In order to attach any file system of other drive to file tree, you are required to mount the drive. You can mount Linux drive using mount command. However, in some cases, the mount command fails to mount the drive and makes it ready for use. It makes your significant data inaccessible and causes serious data loss situations. To recover Linux data in such cases, Linux data recovery becomes need of hour.

You might fail to mount a Linux hard drive is the file system of the disk is corrupt. File system corruption may take place due to numerous reasons, ranging from virus infection to hard drive crash. In a practical scenario of this problem, you may encounter the below error message when you try to mount a Linux hard drive

Using mount command:
“mount: you must specify the filesystem type”
The error occurs every time when you run the mount command. It makes the drive unusable and put you in need of Linux recovery.

Root of the problem
You may run across this problem due to any of the following reasons-
Improper editing of the fstab file. Linux uses this file to list out the available hard drives and volumes. The mount command uses this file to determine required

The disk volume does not contain any file system.
The hard drive file system is damaged.
Superblock is faulty and cannot be accessed by the operating system.

Use any of the below options to perform data recovery Linux in such cases-
Use -t parameter with the mount command.
Properly specify all the hard drive entries in the fstab file. It enables mount command to see all the available devices and options.
Re-create the file system using mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdXX command.
Use fsck command to fix file system consistency issues.

If you are still unable to recover Linux data using any of the above methods, you are required to opt for Linux data recovery software. The Ext2 recovery applications are capable of thoroughly scanning entire drive and extract data from it. Linux recovery software are totally safe and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is the most efficient Ext3 recovery application that works well with all distributions of Linux operating system.

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