How to Organize your Music Library

Music organizing software has saved me from spending hours of my life sorting my iTunes. There are amazing programs that can automatically fix mp3 tags and organize music libraries in minutes.

Downloading MP3s

Ever since the arrival of Napster music downloading has continued to grow ever year. It now even trumps the sale of physical CD’s. Downloading music online is the number 1 way to get music now. While that is great, it also causes a problem with keeping your digital music collection organized. With the ability to download hundreds of songs a day, the average person has thousands of songs on their personal computers.

Understanding ID3 Tags

The majority of these downloaded songs have little or no identifying tags. These are known as ID3 or MP3 tags. They hold important information such as song names, artist names, album titles, album release years,and more. So as you can see when the tags aren’t up to date, it’s impossible to organize any music collection.

The Solution!

Luckily there is new music organizing software that can automatically update your songs ID3 tags! The process is fully automated so all you have to do is set your preferences and hit fix.

Music Organizing Software can…

  • Delete Duplicate Songs
  • Fix Misspelled Songs
  • Complete ID3 tags (Album year, Genres, Artist name, Song title, etc.)
  • Get Album Artwork and more…

With features like this any music enthusiast with a large digital media library will definitely appreciate this music organizing software.

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