Let’s start with what is NLP? NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which sounds pretty fancy doesn’t it? Simply put NLP has been developed by studying those people who are successful in their lives. Why are they more successful than the rest of us, me and you? They have learnt through training or ‘Programming’ their minds (the ‘Neuro’ part) to respond to language use (the ‘Linguistic’ bit). NLP is used by these successful communicators and high achieving individuals to control certain aspects of their lives to maximise their potential for success. The question you are asking yourself is can you learn these methods as well – of course! These people had a secret that they have shared so now many, many people are practicing NLP in their lives and experiencing the benefits. Some people opt for training so they can become experts and thus help others; some people may just want a fast cure for a phobia, whilst others want to lose weight.

You may have seen Derryn Brown on TV? He has become a master practitioner using many of the NLP techniques in his manipulation of people and their thoughts. In fact, NLP is often referred to as a form of hypnotism, stage magic or mind control. There are many sceptics who just think it is trickery or magic, but the reality is that these techniques are real and they can be learnt by anyone.

So, when considering the question how is Neuro Linguistic Programming used, you should ask yourself another: What do you want to change in your life? NLP can be used to make changes in your personal life e.g. improving your relationships with loved ones or to meet and make new friends. The techniques can be used to improve your work life, whether it be to succeed in your career, or get you that dream job you have been meaning to go for by helping you vastly improve your interview techniques or maybe just a promotion or a pay rise. NLP can be used to improve your health by helping you quit smoking, lose weight and get that dream body. NLP is successfully used around the world daily to cure people of their crippling phobias. The skills and techniques you can learn will enable you to significantly reduce your stress levels, enabling you to be able to finally relax and enjoy life a little!

NLP is used in a wide range of professional areas including: counselling, psychotherapy, education, health, creativity, law, management, sales, leadership and parenting. NLP is equally useful for each and every one of us who desires a more rewarding life.

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