Having a slow PC can be a pain in the neck, and it certainly takes the fun out of using your computer. But before you throw your sluggish PC out of the windows and go buy a new one, check out an ebook PC Secret Formula first. It could save you some money.

Also, don’t call the computer service man and pay him $50 an hour to do some basic things like cleaning up your PC or defragmenting the hard drive because you can do all these by yourself easily even though you know nothing about computer except for switching it on and using Microsoft Excel. PC Secret Formula will show you how to transform your slow PC into a speed monster in minutes.

So don’t worry if you’re not a technically-challenged type of person, the author of PC Secret Formula has done a great job in making the report and the video tutorials very easy to understand. Anyone who can read or watch a video can follow the steps in PC Secret Formula. There is no complicated jargon, it’s all step-by-step and screenshots are provided where needed.

And all the tweaks, tips and techniques presented in PC Secret Formula will NOT harm, erase or damage any aspect of your PC because you are not going to touch any of the files or registries, so please dont worry. You’re going to learn advanced PC performance techniques that most people (even the professionals) haven’t seen before. After reading the report/ebook and apply some of the tips, you will not only notice immediate improvements in your computer performance but I’m sure you would like to show off your new found skills to impress your friends 🙂

Everyone knows that a slow PC is a pain to use. But you can’t avoid your PC performance to degrade over time, this is due to the amount of programs we install and uninstall over a period of time. Sometimes we forget how much junks we have installed on our PC. I remember buying products and services that cost me over $200 but they fall short on delivering their promises in improving my PC performance 🙁

Here is the sneak peek inside the PC Secret Formula report:

Part 1: The First 5 steps to a Blazing PC.

You’ll learn five secret steps used by the author to transform your PC into a speed monster. These are the exact techniques used by the author for his clients and his own computer.

Part 2: Secure Windows.

If security is your concern, you’re going to love this part. You’ll discover THREE vital things on how to protect and secure your PC that most people don’t have a clue about.

Part 3: System Tweaks.

You’ll be amazed by how a few simple and harmless tweaks can transform your sluggish PC into a blazing one. Awesome tips indeed!

Part 4: Windows Services Guide.

In this part, you’ll learn how to free your PC from those useless programs that are hogging the precious resources. Your PC will breathe a lot better after you implement these steps, so to speak.

Part 5: Windows Cache & Disk Defrag.
Now this part of the PC Secret Formula alone is already worth much more than the price of the report. You’re going to discover some secret places to download some amazing FREE software. These are high-quality software and they are free (the owner only asks for voluntary donation, so if you love the tools you can donate some money to the owner). I have installed and used the tools, they are safe and very effective. And you know what? There are many websites that are selling similar products for $40. I know this because I bought those products before. Again, simply amazing! PC Secret Formula is perhaps the best deal on the Net that I’ve come across so far.

Part 6: Speed Up Windows Boot Time.

Have you ever experienced that after switching on your PC, you’ll go and make a cup of coffee, and when you come back to your desk, your PC still not finish booting? Perhaps I exaggerate a bit here but I have seen some PCs that boot so slowly that I feel like wanting to take a short nap. If you’ve felt this way before, you’ll love this part of the report.


The performance tips revealed in PC Secret Formula are very practical and effective yet they are so easy to implement. You don’t need to understand any technical jargons in order to use the tips. If you use PC everyday, you want to have this report by your side. It’s a very useful report and it has only 27 pages. I’ve printed the report and put it in a folder so I can refer to it easily in the future. I will rate this report 10 out of 10 without a single doubt and this is one purchase that I will never regret!

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