Have you accidentally emptied your recycle bin after cleaning up your hard disk to free up disk space? Don’t worry, even if you have lost some of your important files in this process there is a solution. You can still get them back, but before you proceed with the files recovery, it is important for you to understand how deletion works!!

When a file is deleted, the contents of the file are actually not erased. Rather the directory entry of the file is removed from the drive and is added to trash folder. The file is then renamed and the original path of the file is stored in a hidden index file. When the file is restored by the user, the index entry is read by the OS and the file is restored back.

The problem arises when the trash is also emptied by the user. In this situation, the files still exist on your system. They can be found on the lower levels of your hard drive but your system cannot internally locate them. But unfortunately they can be overwritten and lost forever anytime you add new data on your system. So the sooner you attempt a data recovery, the better your chances are.

Restore Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

The only option left with you after you empty your recycle bin is to depend on the third party data recovery software. Once a file is deleted from the trash folder your OS cannot locate the information on it’s own.

The third party data recovery tools are not only capable of recovering the lost data of recycle bin but they can also recover data from a freshly formatted disk partition. Other features include retrieving deleted emails and attachments. The software scans your computer, allow you to preview the lost files, and then gives you the option to recover them.

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