Admiral Yamamoto, the leader of the Japanese Fleet that bombed Pearl Harbor, knew the United States of America had an industry base that was unmatched in the world. He had spent time in the United States and seen that even though the United States was caught in the Great Depression it still had great industrial capacity. This is why he actually advised that Japan not go to war with the United States.

The United States became the most powerful nation on earth by being an industrial giant. This was demonstrated during World War II. But, the industrial power that Admiral Yamamoto feared no longer produces most of the world’s industrial goods. The United States’ economy is changing from an industrial economy to one driven by the service industry. We do not build the goods we use, but we service them.

Computers and the software that powers them, truly highlight this service economy. Computers are built in many different countries, usually not the United States, but IT personnel within corporations service the machines, or outside maintenance companies are brought in to fix glitches. The service business in computer technology continues to grow. Now a company of any size can rent server space, use a consulting company to host software, and receive advice on how to better use current technology.

Microsoft is the leading and most popular name in computer software. Yet, small businesses do not have to buy Microsoft software. Small Business CRM MS is available from other companies who host Microsoft products. This idea of offering software service to small businesses gives them the opportunity to have Customer Resource Management (CRM) that compares to large corporations throughout the world, and being able to better understand the customer is the most important thing in business.

Being able to apply the important tools of business will help the service economy of the United States grow into the power that the industrial economy once was. The service corporations in the computer field will help other business apply necessary CRM software. This MS CRM application process will help business of all sizes better understand where they need to go to better compete in the global economy, and ultimately, helping the United States’ economy.

Microsoft is a strong corporation. Their tools are useful to small businesses and major corporations. The Hosted Dynamics Microsoft CRM 3.0 will be helpful to any business. This is how a host company is useful. Like industrial giants working together to make the United States stronger during World War II, companies can work with companies whose sole purpose is to serve other’s software.

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