The best early Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals under $50


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Attention, Amazon shoppers: Amazon Prime Day 2022 is next week! But if you want a deal right this minute, then you should know that there are plenty of great ones on Amazon right now. Here are our favorite Amazon sale finds under $50.

Top products in this article:

Amazon Prime subscription, $14.99 per month

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen), $20 (reduced from $50)

Amazon Smart Thermostat, $42 (reduced from $60)

Viktor Jurgen neck massage pillow: $38 after coupon (reduced from $60)

From a smart thermostat to a smart watch to a neck massage pillow, we’ve rounded up our favorite, top-rated finds under $50 on Amazon. Save even more by scoring free shipping via Amazon Prime shipping. 

Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Now is definitely the time to subscribe. The deals at Amazon’s biggest sales event of the year, aka next week’s Amazon Prime Day 2022, are exclusive to Prime members. So, be sure to sign up today for a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial.   

We have more info on Amazon Prime Day 2022 — and early Amazon Prime Day deals — below. But right now, let’s get to the best shopping deals under $50 you can get today on Amazon. Everything highlighted here is rated 4 stars (out of 5) or higher by Amazon users. And hurry — these deals may not last until Prime Day! 

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen): $20 (save $30)

Echo Dot 4th Gen


This is a huge deal: Right now on Amazon, you can get the latest model of the Amazon Echo Dot for 60% off its $50 list price!

Use the round Amazon smart speaker to voice-control your home, make calls hands-free, ask Alexa to play music or set an alarm, and more. Choose from three colors. 

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen), $20 (reduced from $50)

Amazon Smart Thermostat: $42 (save $18)



Get Amazon’s in-house smart thermostat on Amazon right now for 30% off its $60 list price. And that’s only the beginning of the savings.  

This Energy Star-certified, voice-controlled Amazon Smart Thermostat will help you save money on your air-conditioning bills this summer. (Note: A C-wire is required for installation.)

But, wait there’s more: Your utility company may offer a rebate on a smart thermostat — perhaps even making this purchase entirely free. See Amazon’s website for more details.

Amazon Smart Thermostat, $42 (reduced from $60)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: $40 (save $10)

Fire TV Stick 4K


Right now, Amazon has slashed the price of its in-house streaming device by 20%. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is compatible with Alexa, and lets you watch all your favorite streamers (Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.) in 4K. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, $40 (reduced from $50)

Viktor Jurgen neck massage pillow: $38 (save $22)

Viktor Jurgen neck massage pillow

Viktor Jurgen via Amazon

Save more than 30% right now on Amazon on this $60, hands-free, corded-electric neck massager from Viktor Jurgen — and then save 5% more than you click the coupon button. (The coupon savings will be applied at checkout.)

The device uses four rotating balls to deliver a shiatsu massage. Add heat, or not, to the massage — it’s your call. 

Viktor Jurgen neck massage pillow: $38 after coupon (reduced from $60)

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker: $40 (save $10)


JBL via Amazon

Save 20% on Amazon right now on the waterproof JBL Clip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker. The Clip 3 streams high-quality sound from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and, via its built-in clip, easily attaches to a backpack. It makes a great Bluetooth speaker to take to the beach or pool. Choose from a variety of colors. 

JBL Clip 3 waterproof Bluetooth speaker, $40 (reduced from $50)

Roku Streaming Stick 4K: $39 (save $11)


Roku via Amazon

Right now on Amazon, save more than 20% off the list price on the easy-to-use Roku Streaming Stick 4K. It boasts fast boot times, a voice remote and access to plenty of free streaming channels. Plus, its stick-based design hides behind your TV, so it won’t clutter your entertainment center.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K, $39 (reduced from $50)

Chefman small, compact air fryer: $37 (save $13)


Chefman via Amazon

Right now on Amazon, you can get this 4.6-star-rated compact air fryer from Chefman for more than 25% off its already budget-friendly list price. One Amazon reviewer hailed the kitchen gadget as “[s]mall but mighty!” 

Want other options? Check out our rundown of the best air fryer deals on Amazon ahead of Amazon Prime Day.

Chefman small, compact air fryer: $37 (reduced from $50)

Crest 3D Whitestrips teeth whitening kit: $30 (save $25)


Crest via Amazon

Right now, you can save a whopping 45% off list price on Amazon on this pack of 40 Crest 3D Whitestrips — that’s 20 treatments in total. Crest promises these strips will get your teeth 18 levels whiter in just 20 days. Plus, they’re billed as  safe on enamel.

Crest 3D Whitestrips teeth whitening kit, $30 (reduced from $55)

Donerton smart watch (1.4″) (black): $28 (save $10)

Donerton smart watch

Donerton via Amazon

Already a bargain, with a $38 list price on Amazon, this smart watch with a 1.4-inch color touchscreen can be had right now for just $28 when you click the $10-off coupon. (Per usual, the discount will be applied at checkout.) The watch is rated 4 stars (out of 5) by Amazon users. The device is rated IP67 waterproof, and works as a fitness tracker, sleep monitor, pedometer, heart-rate monitor and more. When paired with your compatible phone, it can signal you when you receive a call or text. 

Choose from four color bands; prices may vary. The below price is for the black band. 

Donerton smart watch (1.4″) (black), $28 after coupon (reduced from $38)

You can also get this watch’s 1.65-inch and 1.69-inch models for less than $50.

Donerton smart watch (1.65″) (black), $33 after coupon (reduced from $43)

Donerton smart watch (1.69″) (black), $33 after coupon (reduced from $43)

Blink Mini compact indoor plug-in smart security camera: $30 (save $5)


Blink via Amazon

Keep an eye on your home when you’re away with the Blink Mini. Right now, the indoor smart security camera, rated 4.4 stars (out of 5) by Amazon users, is on sale for $30 — that’s nearly 15% off its budget-friendly list price. 

The camera boasts 1080p HD video, and is compatible with your Amazon Alexa smart-home devices. Save and share clips with a sold-separately Blink Subscription Plan. (A 30-day free trial is available.)  

Blink Mini compact indoor plug-in smart security camera: $30 (reduced from $35)

Tenmiya portable Bluetooth speaker for parties: $45 (save $15)


Tenmiya via Amazon

Listed at $60, this portable Bluetooth speaker is marked down right now on Amazon to $50; apply the 10%-off coupon, and bring your checkout price down to $45!  

The speaker features dual subwoofers with heavy bass, 40W power and long-range Bluetooth connectivity. It’s also equipped with colorful flashing LED lights.

Tenmiya portable Bluetooth speaker for parties, $45 after coupon (reduced from $60) 

Kasa Smart Light Strip: $40 (save $30)


Kasa via Amazon

You can save big on the Kasa Smart Light Strip at Amazon right now. Great for adding dramatic flair to any room (or adding a backlight to your TV), this 6.6-foot strip features millions of dimmable colors and voice controls. There’s a 4-pronged connector on the end of the strip, so you can increase the length up to 33 feet. You can also trim the strip along the marked lines for a perfect, custom fit.

Other Kasa smart-home products are on sale at Amazon right now, including the Kasa smart light bulb 2 pack ($17 after coupon) and the Kasa Smart Plug Mini 4 pack ($23 after coupon) and the Kasa 2K HD Smart Baby Monitor ($30 after coupon).

Kasa Smart Light Strip (6.6 foot), $40 (reduced from $70)

Kasa Smart Light Bulb (2 pack), $17 after coupon (reduced from $25)

The Original Bagel Guillotine: $20 (save $6)

Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine

Hoan via Amazon

Save nearly 15% off list price on Amazon right now on this handy device. The Original Bagel Guillotine cuts bagels without squishing them. Choose from four colors; prices vary. We found the best deal on the white model (pictured). 

The Original Bagel Guillotine, $20 (reduced from $26)

Off Topic adult party game: $25 (save $15)

Off Topic Adult Party Game

Off Topic via Amazon

You can get a great deal on Amazon right now on this this 4.5-star-rated party game. To play the game, you draw a card to set the topics, and roll a die to set the letter everyone’s responses must begin with. To get the biggest deal, be sure to click the coupon button. Recommended for ages 17 and up. 

Off Topic adult party game, $25 after coupon (reduced from $40)

Amazon finds for $50 or under

These goodies aren’t on sale right now on Amazon, but they’re still relative deals. Everything listed below is available for $50 or under. 

LapGear home office lap desk

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

LapGear via Amazon

This cushioned lap desk will upgrade any working-from-bed situation, thanks to its durable surface, phone slot and mouse pad. 

LapGear home office lap desk, $40

Corkcicle coffee mug

Corkcicle Coffee Mug

Corkcicle via Amazon

The Corkcicle 16-ounce, triple-insulated stainless steel cup is an excellent choice for the coffee drinker on the go. 

Corkcicle coffee mug, $35

Coffee Beanery coffee gift set


Coffee Beanery via Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves coffee? This 4.6-star-rated gift set from Michigan-based Coffee Beanery features 12 single-pot coffee samplers (1.75 oz. each, makes about four cups) in a gift box. Flavors include Breakfast Blend, Chocolate Raspberry, S’mores, Michigan Cherry and more.

Coffee Beanery coffee gift set (12 pc.), $41

Capri Blue Volcano candle

Capri Blue Scented Candle

Capri Blue via Amazon

Find this Anthropologie-favorite candle at Amazon in a white glass. Its tropical-fruit-and-sugared-citrus scent is an escape to warmer climes. Choose from four colors; prices may vary.

Capri Blue Volcano candle (white), $34

Ecowish Sherpa jacket

ECOWISH Sherpa Jacket

Ecowish via Amazon

Cozy up in this faux shearling teddy coat that’s available in a range of colors. Prices may vary by color and size. 

Ecowish Sherpa jacket, $20 and up

Goodthreads soft cotton quarter-zip sweater

Goodthreads Soft Cotton Quarter Zip Sweater

Goodthreads via Amazon

Why buy a sweater in the summer? Because you can get a really hot price on this 100% cotton quarter-zip, that’s why. The sweater from Goodthreads has ribbing at the collar, and comes in 18 colors. Prices may vary by color and size.

Goodthreads soft cotton quarter-zip sweater, $10 and up

Check out our Amazon Prime Day deal roundups

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is scheduled to be held from July 12, 2022, to July 13, 2022. The event’s deals are for Amazon Prime members only

Still not an Amazon Prime subscriber? Learn more about Amazon Prime (and the 30-day free trial offer) by tapping the button below.

Amazon Prime subscription, $14.99 per month

And while we think Amazon Prime Day 2022 is going to have some great deals, you don’t have to wait for the sales event to score savings. Amazon is slashing prices on a bunch of products right now. Here’s our roundup of early Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals:

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