It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the advances in technology. It seems like as soon as you buy something like a cell phone, a computer, prepress equipment, an I-Pod or CTP, the technology on those items improves and what you own is now being outdated by the newer, better versions. In this struggling economy, many people do not have the funds to continuously keep buying the latest newer technology every six months. This article will give tips on how to be updated on technology without having to buy new items or spend a lot of money.

The first suggestion to update your technology pertains mainly to your laptop or home PC. Instead of going out and buying a new computer, it may be worth it to hire a Geek Squad type of company to try to refurbish your existing computer and to also add increased memory to it. The cost for this service is minimal and could extend the life of your computer by several more years without feeling like you are working on a dinosaur of a PC. Also, if you can get a techie friend to help you for free that would be great too.

Another option to update your current computer would be to take it to a resale shop and trade it in for another pre-owned system that may be more technologically advanced than your current one. The people that own these resale computer stores are so good at working with computers that they can basically rebuild an entire computer and make it like the new ones that are sold in retail stores. Not only will you receive a trade-in benefit but you will get to buy a better computer for a lot less because it is used.

Another tip is for the owners of cell phones. Many companies have two year contracts for their phones which is often a very long time in technological years. In that time frame they typically come up with several new types of phones that can operate more efficiently with a lot more features on them. If you have a family plan and another person in your family does not want to upgrade then you can maybe use their upgrade to get yourself a new phone prior to your two year waiting period. Another option is to be patient and wait for a special sale by your phone carrier. Often times they will offer a free upgrade that will cost you nothing for a newer, better and more technologically advance cell phone.

The last suggestion to get the latest technology without paying full price for it would be to look on websites like eBay or Craigslist for people that sell their used items. There will always be those people that buy the latest thing as soon as it comes out and many times these people are the ones to sell their old items online. They are usually pretty new and in good shape and for a fraction of the cost.

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