Recent graduates, first-time resume writers, and many other people often feel over-whelmed at the thought of creating a resume. If you’re starting from scratch, and not just expounding on an existing resume, it can be quite a daunting undertaking. The first thing they do is hop online and find the first resume builder they come across and begin to create the perfect resume right? Wrong. Resume creation software can be your best friend and worst enemy all in one. The key is knowing when and how to use it properly.

In all honesty, if you have a current resume that is somewhat salvageable, using resume creation software might not be what you need, unless you are using one of the more sophisticated programs, and are seeking tips or ideas for the one you have.

There are several types of applications out there and all of them are different. The free ones are generally pretty basic and ask you various questions such as, ‘what is your target job?’, ‘how much experience do you have in said field?’, etc… They then proceed to formulate a fairly generic template for you with the information you have provided. The most expensive software is a lot more detailed and asks quite a few more questions, and gives you more of a tailored resume. It will also be more complicated to use.

There are pros and cons to each. As I mentioned before, the free software usually provides a basic template that has probably been given to the thousands of other people with similar experience as you. The odds that you and the other thousands of people live in the same city and are interested in the same position are very slim, but the odds that the resume they give you will look like the professional resume you’re seeking are also just as slim. Remember that a template is just that…a template. It’s something to use as a guide to get you started in creating the right resume for you. You’re no longer starting from scratch and having to come up with the words out of thin air. Resume creation software is great in the sense that it gives you a starting point.

The software that you use as an online application is slightly different. They’re a lot more thorough than the freebies and take into consideration the formatting, various industry keywords, and tailoring that resume to a particular position. Additionally, this software is usually around the $19.99 – $29.99 price range, so they’re a lot more reasonable than a professional resume writing company, which is what many job-seekers are trying to avoid. Although the price is right, software is no substitution for a person and you will be left with all the editing and revising yourself. This software is almost always put out by a company selling a related service, such as job banks and resume hosting sites. They strongly advise that you use their services to get the full benefit of the software, at an extra cost.

Many job-seekers aren’t willing to do revisions or would rather just leave the entire ordeal up to a professional. In these cases, it is probably more desirable to use a professional writer. Others are very Type A and like to be in complete control. They would prefer starting with a basic template and having the final say. Resume creation software is the best choice for those individuals

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