The0×80070057 error usually appears on Windows 7 systems when you are trying to format the hard drive where Windows has been installed, or when you try to create a back up of Windows to an alternative hard disk, whether it is an external or in another partition. The error message is a result of registry values being too big for the commands for the Windows 7 system. Despite the better stability of Windows 7 than Windows Vista, unforeseen errors such as the 0×80070057 error keep appearing. You must resolve this issue in order to successfully format your hard drive or back up Windows to another location. Fortunately, this tutorial will teach you the step by step process to complete the commands.

What Causes The 0x80070057 Error?

When you encounter the 0×80070057 error, it will typically appear in the following format:

  • “An internal error has occurred: The parameter is incorrect: (0×80070057)”

The main reason why the error occurs is because Windows 7 generates very large registry entries upon installation. It happens if the limit of the values that the registry entries can store has been reached, when you issue the command to format the hard drive or back up Windows to another hard drive. When this happens, the registry keys can no longer store additional values, giving Windows no other option but to halt the current operation. This problem can be resolved by changing the settings of your Windows 7.

How To Fix The 0x80070057 Error

The way to repair the 0×80070057 error from your system involves making more room for additional values for the registry keys, something which can be done by allotting more memory to the virtual memory and then cleaning the registry. The virtual memory is a tool used by Windows that handles memory distribution that involves the RAM and hard drive which can be configured to make your computer perform better. To increase the memory allotment of your virtual memory,

  • Go to Control Panel and click System and Security.
  • Select System and click the Advanced System Settings, and then click on Performance Setting.
  • Locate virtual memory and select Change.
  • Change the registry size by increasing the current allotment in the virtual memory dialog box.

The capacity of the registry values will be increased once you have increased the memory size of the virtual memory. You will find that the 0×80070057 error is now repaired. Still, in order to make sure, you must clean out your registry to fix damaged entries. Problems with the registry can cause the 0×80070057 error to appear, while also making your PC run slower as a result of these many damaged entries. The Windows registry is a big database where file and program settings are stored. The registry keys that contain the settings for all your programs are constantly being accessed, which over time can cause the registry to be corrupted.

To repair registry errors, you can make use of a registry cleaner that can scan your PC and resolve issues found in your system. We highly recommend that you obtain “Frontline Registry Cleaner” to clean out your registry as it can effectively fix 99% of system faults allowing you to restore the optimal condition of your system.

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