Are you using your own computer without a pre-installed anti-virus program? If this is the case then you are at grave danger of virus infection to your PC and you need to install free virus scan and removal software.

There are several advanced types of internet viruses and malicious programs which are programmed to hack the targeted computer. These malicious programs usually steal the private and sensitive personal information like your bank records, your residential address and other important information which are not meant to steal at all. If you want to avoid your personal data to be hacked by these online hackers or malicious programmers then you need to protect your computer thoroughly.

Today there are several free virus scan and removal utilities available on the Internet which you can take advantage of. There are few popular free anti-virus programs available online like Trend Micro, Avast, AVG, McAfee and BitDefender, etc. You can find the websites of these free software companies in the search engines and can download their free version programs on your computer without any charge.

The actual function of these free virus scan and removal software is to scan your computer for any possible malicious programs and report them back as a possible infection case. Some of the programs do not actually remove these viruses but only works as a scan reporter. They only provide possible actions and recommendations to their free users. In this case you still need to purchase their full version programs in order to remove all viruses and Trojan attacks from your PC.

Mcafee free virus scan utility works the similar way as mentioned above. It only scans your machine for possible infection and creates a report containing the list of all malicious programs stored on your computer. It also provides the list to the most recommended virus removal software so that you can either download a free version virus removal programs or you can buy some of the advanced paid version antivirus programs.

On the other side, Trend Micro software works as an all round antivirus program. This utility helps you scan all viruses on your system and removes all possible infections including Trojan attacks, viruses and worms. BitDefender is another similar online scanning and removal tool for viruses which can work in conjunction with your earlier installed antivirus program.

You do not need to install it on your machine before checking the quality of the software. If you are happy with the free versions of these programs then and only then purchase the full versions of these online virus scan and removal programs.

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