HP Pavilion Elite HPE-170t! This model also comes under the Elite Series which looks cute, works great and offer extreme features. This pricey computer can be used for your luxurious purpose or for regular use. The following review will bring out some of its hot features and advantages.

Even before you come to know its price, you should understand its features and every part of this computer.

Basic features of HP Pavilion Elite HPE-170t

* The processor used in this system is Intel i7 quad core processor which came into market after successful i3 and i5 processors. The RAM for this system with basic feature is 6 GB DDR3 supported one, which naturally boosts the speed of the system by consuming very less energy. The machine does not gets heated quickly and high speed functioning is also guaranteed with this advanced processor and DDR3 supported RAM.

* If you opt for basic feature then you will get hard drive capacity of 640 GB. The disc space can be expanded to higher level if you wish. You will get fascinating RAID drive with this computer which gives enough room to store your data and other files. The machine also comes with some optional tools like Blu-ray DVD player, ATI Radeon HD or NVDIA GeForce etc. ATI Radeon is essential if you are in multimedia industry. Also this specific tool will increase the sharpness of visuals while you are playing games or watching movies.

* There are lots of tools to add to this machine if you are ready to spend more dollars. Some necessity and optional tools include the wireless LAN Card, Bluetooth and external modem. Wireless LAN card is necessary for you if you want to connect accessories like phone, keyboard, modem and wireless printers.

* The major advantage of HP Pavilion Elite HPE-170 is its speed. You can open any number of folders or files and work comfortably as the speed does not get affected. Simultaneous operation of internet and word document is possible only in computers like HPE170 model. This machine is designed with advanced turbo boost technology to boost the speed of the system suitable to play online games.

* Some of the uses of this computer are as follows: you can create high def videos, you can browse the net uninterruptedly for more hours, you can conveniently play online games and watch movies, you can create stunning graphics, you can create and edit photos, movies and so on.

This desktop touches the price of $1000 even with basic features. Further upgrades and additional tools may increase its cost and you must be prepared for it, if you want to get a great desktop computer for your home of profession. The good news is that you can get this desktop PC with few dollars discount, if you use the HP discount coupons offered by HP Software Company. Along with discounts you will also get free Norton Security Software and some free upgrades. So, look for the site that comes out with above deals. HP Company offers exclusive discount of 35% discount for the purchasers who are ready to place order for 21.5 inches monitor along with this PC.

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