You get online type in a keyword about Juvio and imagine what comes up? Yes, lots of probably half-baked truths about them and even more crap. You do not need to know anything thats hyped up anymore. I’m going to spare you all the fluff and go straight to the meat of the matter. Besides, your financial decision hangs in the balance anyway.

1) How The Company Got Started?

First, we will get to know the people behind the curtains at the Juvio pc tech support business opportunity. There were negative ones but I will instead focus on the facts. You are looking at two distinct gentlemen respectively Mr. Hart Cunningham and Paul Burg. Mr. Cunningham’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged through his first profitable business experience at the age of 7.

By organizing schoolmates in a door-to-door car washing venture that soon spanned several neighborhoods, Mr. Cunningham discovered the freedom of self-motivation. Mr. Burg has been the President of Juvio since October of 2002. Today, the company is experiencing new records while setting new benchmarks under the direction of Mr. Burg.

2) Will You Buy Its Products?

Its all in the pudding. So, legitimate product ranges are pretty important. Juvio basically offers an education training system. You can learn about computer proficiency on various applications. Think of it like a digital learning center which you can control at your own pace. It comes in the form of CDs. Apart from this its flagship products are supposed to provide great technical support. There are two plans so it will set you back either $34.95 or $99.95 a month.

3) The Truth About Juvio’s Compensation Plans

Since Juvio essentially operates on a network marketing system, you will be dealing with PCV and GCV (Personal & Group Commission Volume). You start out as an Alpha member. Then, probably the beginning of lucrative commissions is at the Silver level onwards. Whatever it is your residual income depends on your teams growth and ability to recruit more Juvio members. This should create a good passive income on your teams effort.

Are There Other Options?

Yes, there is. If you decide to either generate a good income from Juvio you will need to master the world of online marketing. You can really increase your bottom line sales figures when you decide to invest in a good online marketing package. Start by understanding the basics and partnering with an honest mentor.

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