Today, you need an IT partner with you that is available for your service 24×7. You need excellent contents that help you understand workings of your PC. For excellent contents, you need to visit a good computer forum. But for specialized tech help, you need a guide who is reliable and expert in computer technology.

Suppose you are facing a frequent problem of your computer taking longer time to boot. Online repair consultants say that more than 90% of Microsoft Windows users face this problem due to invalid registry. As a result, they seek technical help from expert IT professionals. You perhaps need to know what Windows registry is all about.

Well, Windows registry is the gateway that connects all your computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PageMaker, printer, digital camera that you use with the opening interface of your PC. In other words, all your computer applications and accessories are accessed by you through the door of Windows registry.

Now, as a new-age PC user, you frequently download newer versions, remove applications that you no longer use, and make many other such changes. Once you remove any application or accessory, some of the interconnected links that are in the memory of Windows registry still remains.

For instance, if you are using an old version of Microsoft Word and now you remove it with a new version, some of the files that are linked with older version of Microsoft Word with Oracle database system in your computer system may still have to be there because of compatibility reasons. If you add, remove, or update your applications and accessories frequently, the memory of your Windows registry is stuffed with many such links. Consequently, when you boot your machine, it takes longer time to open.

Online computer advisory service is one place where you can seek help when your computer is taking longer time to boot. While deleting many of such redundant links, expert IT hand is required. This will ensure that you remove only the redundant links and do not accidentally remove programs that are required by you.

A good online repair service provider builds on knowledge sharing. There are always better ways of doing things on your PC. Once you sign in, experienced tech help professionals will ensure that you also receive useful contents that will help you make smarter use of your PC.

You perhaps need to sign in for an online computer repair service that is powered with remote repair facility. You get tech assistance whenever you face any computer hurdle at a touch of your fingertips. At a very affordable monthly cost, you get an IT partner that really cares for you.

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