There are many different ways to try to track someone down if all you have is their cell phone number. There are methods you can use that are free, and then there are methods that cost you money to use. Both of the free and non-free methods have benefits to them. Following is more detail on the different types of methods you can use to do a reverse cell phone lookup.

First, the more appealing choice for many is to use the free option. There are a few ways to try to find these numbers without having to pay any charges. You can try the online websites that say that you can do a lookup for free, but the problem with those sites is since they have so few numbers listed, the odds of it containing the number you are searching against are slim, and even if the number exists it is doubtful it contains the information you need. The reason is simple, cell phone numbers are owned by the cell carriers and they don’t make their lists public.

The other option is the paid method. Yes, this does cost money, but you pay a very minimal amount to gain access to the database that the phone carriers have leased out to these search firms. Not only is it cheap (think a movie ticket), but the service is extremely fast. You will get the information you are looking for within minutes, sometimes less. You can also get historical information on the number you are doing a reverse cell phone lookup against.

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